UGA Hosts First Annual Southern Graduate Music Research Symposium

News Story:

2010 Southern Graduate Music Research Symposium Program

Friday, August 27

Analysis and Re-interpretation
Friday 5:30-6:45
“Robert Casadesus (1899-1972): Pianist and Composer”
Cicilia Yudha, UNCG School of Music
“The Scientific Impulse in Aesthetics and Music Theory”
Tamika Sterrs, University of Georgia
“Jethro Tull’s Thick as a Brick – More Than Just a Really Long Song”
Tim Smolko, University of Georgia

Keynote: Dr. Montgomery Wolf
Friday 7:00
*reception immediately following

Saturday, August 28

Promoting National Traditions
Saturday 9:30-11:15
“Music and Community: The Mason College of Music and Fine Arts”
Sarah E. Kahre, Florida State University
“Western Pennsylvania Exposition: A Microcosm of Musical Life in America (1889-1916)”
Vanessa Tome, University of Georgia
“Schumann as Nationalist and Poet-Painter: An Examination of
Sechs Gedichte (1840)”
Toni Casamassina, Florida State University
“Lou Harrison’s Role in Creating an Indonesian-Influenced American Percussion Ensemble
Repertoire in the 1940s and 1950s”
Todd Rosendahl, Florida State University

Re-evaluating Reception
Saturday 11:30-12:20
Joe’s Garage: Frank Zappa’s Modernist Experiment in Musical Theater”
Christopher Phillpott, Florida State University
“Handel for the Holidays: American Appropriation of the Hallelujah Chorus”
Leah Harrison, Florida State University
2010 Southern Graduate Music Research Symposium


Saturday 12:20-2:00

Appropriating and Constructing Identity
Saturday 2:00-3:15
“There is a Bear In the Woods: Political Advertising and the Affective Power of Music”
Whitney Holley, University of Georgia
“The Columbia Flying Artillery Recruitment Video”
Elizabeth Whittenburg Ozment, University of Georgia
“For a Life of Sin: Bloodshot Records and Insurgent Country Music”
Nancy Riley, University of Georgia

Performance Practices
Saturday 3:30-5:15
“A Schenkerian Analysis of Mozart’s K. 622, Adagio: Implications for Phrasing and Cadenzas in
Boja Kragulj, The University of North Carolina Greensboro
“Learning Psychological Flexibility through Improvisation: The Use of Patterns of Sound in
Radif Music”
Carlos Odria, Florida State University
“On Sarah Brightman, Technology, and the Construction of a Cyborg’s Voice”
R.J. Wisenbaker, University of Georgia
“Factors in a Sustainable Ecology of a Masterpiece: Dynamism in the Revitalization of the
Siberian epos
Robin Harris, University of Georgia